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Sustainable Traders 2nd August 2022

Sustainable Traders 2nd August 2022

Raffaella The Label | Budburst Australia | Beyond Zero Emissions | Future Giving | Minimum Wines | New Future Folk | Electric Vehicle Council | Jaks Timber | Second Earth

Raffaella The Label

Raffaella The Label is an independent Australian label by a mama who has passion for vintage, and creating stunning dresses, kimonos and scarves for bohème babes and goddess mothers. Every piece is carefully considered, hand-cut and sewn in a home studio just outside iconic Byron Bay. Garments are made of vintage silks in the most beautiful floral and paisley prints, and natural fibres such as certified organic cotton and hemp.

Budburst Australia

Budburst crafts small-batch artisan vinegars, infused with hand-picked plums and apricots from the family’s orchard in Queensland’s Granite Belt region. The fruit is left to tree-ripen to perfection, picked, and steeped in batches of local wine vinegar for 10 weeks before being hand-filtered and bottled. No concentrates, extracts or imported ingredients are added.

Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is a non-profit research and education organisation that encourages climate change policy that is in line with the latest science. BZE is on a mission to transition Australia to a 100% renewable powered, zero carbon in ten years.

Future Giving

Future Giving is on a collective mission to regenerate the world through collaboration, co-creation, and consulting services. Future giving offers public speaking, coaching, and regenerative design to various projects, campaigns and educational experiences. 

Minimum Wines

Minimum Wines is an Australian producer of vegan, ACO-certified organic wines. Using organically-grown grapes and organic ingredients in the winery, with minimum intervention with their ferments. Minimum Wines is proudly B-Corp certified, committed to always do what is best for all stakeholders and the planet, across every facet of their business. In partnership with One Tree Planted, they plant 1 tree per dozen, per year, so their wines sequester more carbon than they produce.

New Future Folk

New Future Folk is a PR and Marketing company on a mission to elevate purpose-driven brands. They create beautiful low-impact sustainable events, from intimate media presentations to large-scale public events. They work closely with ethical providers that offer bespoke sustainable solutions including vegan waste-free catering, second-hand flower arrangements, waste management and plastic-free solutions. They have also partnered with GreenFleet to offset your carbon footprint for each event.

Electric Vehicle Council

The Electric Vehicle Council is the national body for the electric vehicle industry in Australia. By representing businesses involved in producing, powering and supporting EVs, EVC aims to accelerate the electrification of road transport for a more sustainable and prosperous Australia.

Jaks Timber

Jaks Timber are timber specialists and are Australia's leading supplier of recycled and sustainable timber. Jaks are able to supply new and recycled timber as well as create a range of timber products suitable for residential and commercial projects.

Second Earth

Second Earth is on a mission to create high performance yoga mats and props that are 100% sustainable, biodegradable and planet friendly. Each and every mat they produce is 100% non-toxic, made only from ethically sourced material, durable, and shipped via carbon neutral delivery. 

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