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Sustainable Traders 25th July 2022

Sustainable Traders 25th July 2022

Tri Colour Federation | Tumbleweed | Pepperwhites | The Lake Macquarie Natural Soap Co. | Emaho Trees | Coconut Bowls | Hepburn Energy |  BEAR 

Tri Colour Federation

Tri Colour Federation is an Australian fashion label focused on sustainability. Their cotton is organically grown and produced in factories that are technologically at the forefront of ethically sustainable manufacturing which means minimized water consumption, less waste of natural resources and a reduction of pollution. The brand endeavors to push the boundaries of design and manufacturing innovations to ensure that every product will be more ethically sustainable than the last.


Tumbleweed is an Australian maker of award winning compost bins and worm farms made from 100% recycled plastic. Their range of compost worm farms are especially designed to suit the needs of children, home owners, and gardeners, and designed to make composting fun and easy for the whole family.


Pepperwhites is a lifestyle and homewares store located on the beautiful leafy north shore of Sydney. The store is owned by Tara Dennis, one of television’s most recognised faces and has been presenting decorating, style and craft segments continuously for almost twenty years. You may visit their brick and mortar stores in Wahroonga and Balmain, to see beautiful furniture and decorator items all hand-picked by Tara herself. 

The Lake Macquarie Natural Soap Co.

The Lake Macquarie Natural Soap Co. is an Australian maker of all soaps made only from natural ingredients, from homegrown lemons to beautiful clays extracted straight from mother earth. Wherever possible, they only use locally sourced ingredients from Lake Macquarie. 

Emaho Trees

Emaho Trees is a boutique tree farm specializing in a range of advanced, premium quality, Australian native trees grown in-ground for sub tropical to cool temperate landscaping. The property’s rich volcanic soil and climate is well suited to many popular and unique trees required to be hardy, drought tolerant and low maintenance.  Established in 2002 by James and Barbara McGeoch, the 40-acre farm operates on renewable energy, harvests rainwater for irrigation, uses only organic fertilisers and is a proud supporter of the local business and horticultural community. Emaho Trees is the first farm in Australia and NZ to achieve BCorp certification for its positive social and environmental impact.

Coconut Bowls

Based in Byron Bay, Australia, Coconut Bowls reclaim discarded coconut shells, cut, clean & polish them into beautiful coconut bowls. Each bowl is finished with virgin coconut oil, ready for use and continued reuse as food storage - better alternative to single-use plastic food containers.

Hepburn Energy

Hepburn Energy (formally Hepburn Wind) has been powering change in energy and renewables for over a decade. Starting as Australia’s first community-owned wind farm, they are now working on being the first hybrid wind, solar and battery co-operative.


BEAR is a modern Australian lifestyle brand based in the coastal town of Byron Bay, focusing on health and wellness products. Their collection of highly therapeutic vitamins, single-origin superpowders, and natural skincare are designed to support optimal immunity, energy, microbiome health and naturally radiant skin. A certified B-Corporation, BEAR meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. They work closely with Australian conservation movements, donating at least 2% of revenue from each product sold to help protect and conserve the wonders of the natural world and the wildlife that inhabit them.

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