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Fresh Traders this week 15 March, 2022

Fresh Traders this week 15 March, 2022

Selkie Social | LUXMII | Rinascentia | Comms Declare | ModnPods | Tochi Creative | KBL Bikes | Herbae Thylacini

Selkie Social

Selkie Social is a content and social media marketing studio based in Perth, Western Australia.. Founded by Molly Farai, creative and educator in sustainable and embodied marketing, Selki Social offers social media management, content marketing, and consulting sessions for changemaking business owners who want to improve their marketing.


LUXMII is an Australian based eco-luxury womenswear and lifestyle brand creating timeless essentials made sustainably from premium Italian and Greek natural-only fibres. Thoughtful creations made for warm & sunny climates, LUXMII offers a range of classic styles, rediscovered & redefined for every-day wear.


Rinascentia are proudly among Australia's most ethical and sustainable beauty brands that offers sustainable skincare and beauty solutions.Their products are made using carefully selected natural ingredients, which are only tested on friends and family.

The ingredients used are sourced from Australian growers, and they even grow some of the fruits, vegetables and herbs. Rinascentia is 100% plastic free and is aiming for circularity. Their entire range is totally free from microplastic beads. They use glass jars and bottles which can be reused or returned to them for refilling, and post orders using compostable mailers. All products are designed and manufactured from their own premises in Sydney, Australia.

Comms Declare

Comms Declare is a community of professionals including marketers, journalists, creatives, media traders & advertisers, public relations experts, content producers, strategists, advertising & marketing technology specialists, social media influencers, professional bloggers, authors and many more. By harnessing the power of comms, marketing, media & advertising, Comms Declare aims to supercharge the transition to a climate-friendly future.


ModnPods provides architecturally prefabricated modular backyard pods as guesthouses, studios, granny flats and sleek home offices with the ability to cater to multi-unit developments such as caravan and holiday parks. ModnPod is architecturally designed and manufactured on the Gold Coast using 90% Australian premium materials, with 70% of those fully recyclable at the end of their life with the flexibility to ship Australia wide. When you choose ModnPods you also choose to work with a company that aligns with strong ethos both on an individual level and as a business.

Tochi Creative

Tochi means 'to start with earth' and Tochi Creative is an Australian brand that offers handcrafted ceramics. Based in Sydney, Tochi Creative is founded by Mavis and Kimberley, two ceramic enthusiasts who are equally passionate about being sustainable. 

KBL Bikes

KBL Bikes is a complete professional bike shop in Rocky Point Road, Sydney,  offering all types of bikes including e-bikes, rentals, parts, accessories and workshop services. As athletes, Instructors, and mechanics, the entire team at KBL Bikes simply love sharing their passion and knowledge of outdoor sports.

Herbae Thylacini

Herbae Thylacini offers a range of herbal remedies and natural skincare from the Tasmanian bush, handcrafted by a holistic herbal pharmacist, Dr Kaja Skraskova. Herbae Thylacini is proud to be an Australian business supporting Australian farmers and indigenous communities while reducing unnecessary import and carbon footprint.

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