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Fresh Traders the week 5 April 2022

Fresh Traders the week 5 April 2022

Agostino & Brown | Biocasa | Mindful Pet Care | Serendipity Skincare | Frske | Plyroom | Retro Print Revival | Organic Beauty Co. | Byron Paws | Summer Salt Body

Agostino & Brown

Established in 2010, Agostino & Brown is an Australian company based in Adelaide, South Australia, focusing on furniture with unique and innovative designs, that are durable, timeless in aesthetic, age gracefully and can be passed through the generations. A&B develops the best methods of construction, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, so that products can be maintained over time while minimizing the need for replacement.


Biocasa is an ecostore based in Melbourne that aims to help families reduce their footprint and the amount of waste generated every day with eco-friendly solutions. Products have been extensively researched and tested, and no product has been tested or manufactured with methods that involve cruelty to animals. Biocasa is proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated business.

Mindful Pet Care

Mindful Pet Care provides pet owners with conscious options for their furry friends to improve their quality of life, provide healthy outlets and reduce unwanted behaviours. Founded by pet owners who have years of experience working within the animal industry and have a passion for animal conservation, their boxes have been purposely selected with the environment or your pet’s brains in mind.  

Serendipity Skincare

Serendipity offers a range of skincare products made locally in Australia. Their formulations are free of sulphates, parabens, DEA, TEA, mineral oils and artificial colours. They never tested on animals, nor do we work with labs that do. Serendipity Skincare are proud to partner with the Carbon Reduction Institute in an effort to reduce their carbon output and offset the carbon produced by investing in wind farming and other green energy technologies. 


Founded by Adriana Frescura, Frske is an Australian clothing brand that draws upon Japanese minimalism and French casual chic to fashion beautifully detailed, trans-seasonal womenswear. Frske works exclusively with premium, natural fibre fabrics, and apply their signature hemline lengths, longer sleeves and flattering fit to every dress, every top and every pants they create. Committed to ethical, sustainable and transparent practice, each garment that carries the Frske label is proudly designed and manufactured in Melbourne.


Plyroom is a Melbourne based company dedicated to the design and development of beautiful products that foster a simpler way of life, with a small environmental footprint. Plyroom believes that the longevity of a furniture piece comes from intentional design as well as quality, sustainably sourced materials. Their furniture is made from solid timbers and architectural grade, cross-laminated birch plywood - chosen for its structural stability, strength and material efficiency. All of their furniture is finished with non-toxic, low VOC finishes that are safe for you and our environment. 

Retro Print Revival

With a focus on sustainable materials, Retro Print Revival aims to responsibly create lamps, planters and vases to be enjoyed for years to come. A true celebration of Australian design teamed with local craftsmanship, RPR is proudly artisan-made with each element being sourced from the surrounding community, not only preserving quality, but ensuring the carbon footprint is low.

Organic Beauty Co.

Organic Beauty Co is your online shopping destination for natural and organic beauty products. Born out of a love and passion for all things beauty, Organic Beauty Co. is aimed at bringing you high quality natural and organic products, void of known and widely used chemicals in the main stream cosmetics industry.

Byron Paws

Byron Paws provides pet owners with grooming and health products that contain no parabens, sulfates, silicone or any synthetic ingredients. Their shampoo bars packaging and shipping boxes can be burned, all the rest is 100% recyclable!

Summer Salt Body

Summer Salt Body is an all natural & vegan friendly Australian skincare and wellness brand that takes inspiration from natural healing remedies to nourish the skin. Inspired by the ocean and love of nature,Summer Salt Body products are good for you and the planet. Their entire range is Australian Made, natural, vegan and cruelty free.

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