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Fresh Sustainable Traders 4th May 2022

Fresh Sustainable Traders 4th May 2022

Tengdahl | Doggy Eco | Lano | Future Bake Australia | Pecora Dairy | Lanterncove | North Shore Solar Installation | Return Unwanted Medicines | Peggy Sue


Tengdahl is an Australian fashion label that prides itself on creating bespoke, award-winning designs designed and produced in Brisbane, Australia..  Having won numerous awards for design excellence, Tengdahl’s signature style is motivated by sustainable, ethical production, impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite, unique textiles. 

Doggy Eco

Doggy Eco is on a mission to empower dogs and dog lovers to live adventurously with their durable eco friendly dog toys and adventure gear.  Doggy Eco  believes that the detrimental effects of pollution on our environment is one of the greatest tragedies of modern society and they have made it their purpose to enable dogs to make a pawsitive difference for climate change by designing innovative pet products that utilise recycled or biodegradable materials to reduce eco pawprint.


Lano is an Australian skincare brand that specialises in moisturizers made primarily from Lanolin, a deeply moisturising oil naturally occurring in sheep’s wool, humanely (and cruelty-free) sourced by Australian sheep farmers. Lano's entire range is natural and non-toxic. Free from any artificial fragrances, Parabens, petrolatum, Mineral Oil, or Sulfates.

Future Bake Australia

Established in 1998, Future Bake Australia is a family-owned Australian bakery, making the highest quality cookies, nut bars, brownies and slices, with plant-based and gluten free options. All products are lovingly made in their own bakery in Noble Park, Victoria with original recipes using simple, fresh and nutritional ingredients sourced predominantly from local suppliers. 

Pecora Dairy

Pecora Dairy is an artisan sheep milk dairy and cheesery founded in 2011 by Michael and Cressida Cains. Their farm is 200 acres situated in Robertson, within 100 miles of Sydney, where their ewes graze lush pasture and drink from crystal clear running creeks to produce rich, creamy milk used to make their seasonal ewes milk cheeses. Pecora Dairy's overarching philosophy is a gentleness on the land, towards their ewes, and in the production of their cheese. This light handed approach intertwines throughout all aspects of their farming and cheesemaking, resulting in benchmark ewes’ milk cheeses with provenance of a single time and place and are an expression of their farm's entire ecosystem. 


The Lanterncove brand has been developed to provide a unique, ever-evolving range of candles for the Australian market.  Using only the finest-quality materials in developing their products is paramount in ensuring that they deliver beautifully-crafted ranges that live up to Lanterncove's high standards.  Equally as important to Lantercove is preserving their Australian-Made status, as they feel strongly about bringing some industry back to our beautiful country while supporting local businesses.

North Shore Solar Installation

North Shore Solar Installation is committed to offering the area the most reliable and highest standard of commercial solar panel solutions available. North Shore Solar Installation is proud to be their community’s premier "solar service group", offering a range of solar panel and solar power solutions that are tailored to your needs and can serve you well for many years to come. 

Return Unwanted Medicines

Return Unwanted Medicines (or the RUM Project) is one of the first initiatives that provides consumers with a free and convenient way to dispose of expired and unwanted medicines. Anyone can return their household medicines to any community pharmacy anytime, for safe collection and disposal. Return Unwanted Medicines is a national not-for- profit company funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Department of Health to address the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) in Australia. The returned medicines are disposed of by high-temperature incineration, which is in accordance with regulatory and EPA requirements. RUM bins are found in all PBS approved community pharmacies across Australia.

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue is an ethical Australian brand cultivating a community that slows down with beautiful moments of sustainable self-care.Shanah and Alysha here, the founders of Peggy Sue Co. are two Aussie mums based on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. With 5 kids between them and knowing first hand how busy life can be, their goal is to help you slow things down with meaningful moments of self care. Peggy Sue is a brand that loves creating aesthetically beautiful products without compromise. They offer refills for 88% of their range, intending to encourage a healthier, more sustainable self-care regime, ensuring indulgent beauty for you while doing their bit to protect the beauty in the world around us. Everything at Peggy Sue is ethically made in Australia and carefully formulated with nature's finest ingredients. 

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