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Fresh Sustainable Traders 27 April 2022

Fresh Sustainable Traders 27 April 2022

Pure Linen | LeReve | Birdland Seeds | Little Hill Farm | Constant Craving Chocolates | Bel + Co At Home | Henlee | Buchi Kombucha | Wattlebank Park Farm

Pure Linen

Pure Linen is a wholesaler of locally and globally sourced linen to the design, retail and hospitality industries of Australia and New Zealand. Linen is an eco-friendly fabric as it uses five to twenty times less water and energy than cotton. Their products are either manufactured in Europe by manufacturers who maintain high ethical standards or increasingly, made in Australia by Pure Linen's own sewing teams. Founded by Marina Wiese, Pure Linen is a wholly owned and operated Australian business.


LeRêve produces a diverse range of fragrance and aromatherapy products, candles and reed diffusers made from the best ingredients and purest essential oils. Founded in Sydney, Australia in 1988 by Jenny & Phil Hobby – two visionary entrepreneurs with a passion for fine French fragrance, LeRêve is a family owned and operated business providing the opportunity for people, particularly women, to work and grow their own home-based business with unlimited income and reward opportunities.

Birdland Seeds

Birdland Seeds is a growing dedicated supplier of high quality, organic, and non-GM locally suited and adapted seeds. They are currently growing certified organic seed on 2 properties: Emily Hill Farm located in Dewhurst, Victoria and the Dingle Farm in Drysdale, Victoria. Their wide range of seeds include vegetables, herbs, perennials and edible flowers. All seed grown on their site are non-hybrid, pesticide and herbicide free. Their soil was also tested for any chemical residue and was given the all clear.

Little Hill Farm

Little Hill Farm produces pasture-raised chickens and eggs, raw honey, vegetables, grass-fed lamb and also conducts workshops on food preservation and fermentation. Established in 2013 and is located at the foothills of the Watagan Mountains in the Hunter Valley, Little Hill Farm is a small farm managed by a family with a passion and dedication for growing clean, chemical-free and ethically-produced food.

Constant Craving Chocolates

Since its inception in 1998 Constant Craving Chocolates has been using the finest quality ingredients to produce delicious and ethical chocolates, which are completely free of animal products. Their chocolates are hand made so they are able to maintain strict quality control procedures and processes from the beginning of choosing ingredients to the final wrapping and packaging. Constant Craving has always worked in ways which are sustainable for our environment, using only Tasmanian Rain water and solar energy. They recycle and reuse wherever possible and are a card carrying member of Greenpeace.

Bel + Co At Home

Bel + Co is where sustainable, ethical shoppers discover beautiful, curated products for their home and lifestyle. Founder, Belinda is the chief curator, scouting small scale design markets to discover the beautiful work of emerging makers.


Henlee is a small, family owned and operated business located in Perth, Western Australia that offers in luxurious vegan leather accessories and homewares for children. Their baby play mats are not only wipeable, but also stylish and fits seamlessly into the homes of the most interiors conscious parents.

Buchi Kombucha

Buchi is an Australian maker of authentic Kombucha, a fermented and brewed drink rich in probiotics, produced from a blend of organic white, green or black tea, organic raw sugar, and a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Buchi Kombucha is brewed, cultured and bottled in a micro-brewery in Brisbane, Australia. All of their ingredients are sourced from certified organic farmers.

Wattlebank Park Farm

Wattlebank Park Farm produces cows milk for cheese, british white beef, lamb, pork and free-range eggs. Their farm is self-sustaining with enough grass to feed their dairy herd and their farming method reduces the amount of impact in our environment caused by traditional farming. Their animals are grown with love and in a stress-free environment. Wattlebank Park Farm can be found at 425 Lynnes Rd, St Clair and visitors are welcome to the farm shop on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am.

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